Vaccine information

Carvajal Pharmacy is providing the COVID-19 vaccine as a service to our customers and the greater San Antonio community (and our neighbors!)

Two shots are required to complete the COVID-19 vaccine series, for both Pfizer and Moderna. The COVID-19 JJ vaccine is a single dose. After your appointment, additional doses (2nd or 3rd) will be scheduled with a Carvajal employee.

We are now offering the Pediatric Pfizer dose to children ages 5-11. This is a 2-dose series, given 3 weeks apart. Your child's 2nd dose appointment will be scheduled with a Carvajal employee following their appointment.


We are offering the 4th dose (booster) to anyone who meets the following criteria:

  • Pfizer & Moderna - Must be 50 years or older and a minimum of 4 months from your 3rd dose
  • J&J - Must be a minimum of 2 months from your 1st dose.

Two simple steps to get your COVID-19 vaccine:

  • Complete & submit the information below.
  • After clicking Submit button below, you will receive a text message that contains a link that will allow you to pick your day and time to schedule your vaccine

All customers aged 5+ (Pfizer) or 18+ (Moderna and J&J/Janssen) are now eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccines in the state of Texas. If you received your first dose elsewhere, you can schedule your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th dose with Carvajal Pharmacy. Make sure you select which dose you will be receiving as well as the manufacturer.

If you received the 1st dose with Carvajal Pharmacy, please do not register for your 2nd dose, a Carvajal employee should have/will automatically schedule your 2nd dose appointment after you receive the first dose.

Please be sure to provide an accurate cell number and email because will use your cell to communicate about your first and second doses.

Patient Details

Tell us about who you are so we can contact you when the vaccine is available.

Cell phone number is required so we may text you to schedule your vaccine time using our online calendar. Please use the format: 2105551212